How to grow small business in India

In India scaling up small business is one of the biggest challenges for a small businessman. everyone wants to grow small business but because of wrong planning and business model, many startups face difficulty in surviving and shutdown..

The success of any business depends on efforts you put in innovation of your product or services. Understanding the mindset of the consumers and then presenting the product to the right targeted audience is the most important part of marketing.

But in India, many people consider marketing and advertisement as an expense and not as an investment; they don’t want to spend money on research and development (R&D).

And the Businessman who invests in above things, only focus on selling the product but they don’t innovate themselves as per the need of the consumer, they don’t try to build relation with the consumer and hence loses the opportunity of exponential growth and generating recurring income.

You should remember, exponential growth doesn’t happen overnight it need to be daily fed up with hard as well as smart work and innovation

You must market your product to make your customer feel smart not to make your company look smart.

So if you want to scale up your business to new Heights you must be different from others. For exponential growth either you have to be the only one in your field or to be more innovative than other competitors, or being only in any field is nearly impossible in this era.

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Webjineos brought some important factors and steps to give your business a new growth.

Step 1: Understand the customers

Identify your customers before marketing or even before producing your product or services. You must know exactly who is going to buy or to take services. Perfect consumer identification includes identifying the consumer and their problems.

you must consider the following factors,

Age, education, religion, social class, income, location, occupation, personality, Lifestyle, gender, race, company, buyer/bargainer, interests, marital status, values, mindset and the culture of your targeted consumer.

When you understand who your targeted audience is, you must try to research on needs and problems which you have going to solve; this will lead to betterment of the product and services and helps to exponentially grow small business .

Buying depends on the following five factors

  1. initiator
  2. influencer
  3. decider
  4. buyer
  5. consumer

You have to perfectly identify these factors for your business model, product or services.

Step 2: See your Product as a Project

Every small businessman focuses on describing the specification of other products but forgot to find the needs of the consumer, they doesn’t consider the fact that whether the consumer actually need the product or not and this doesn’t let you grow small business .

you must consider the three pillars of project management




to build a perfect relation with consumers for recurring income:

  • Try to give them more than expected,
  • Try to finish the work or promise before time,
  • As India is very cost-sensitive country you must try to reduce the cost or to give discounts.

Now when your small business is stable at requiring income we will go towards our third step which is scalability of the business.

Step 3: Scalability

 To scale up your business you must work on the following points,

3.1) Increase social media engagement.

Don’t try to bring the customers where you are, meet them where they are. And social media the best way to reach the customers, as in India average person uses mobile for more than 300 minutes a day.

3.2) SEO/SMO

 To scale up your business you must work on the following points

Post informative content about your product and add some values of the consumer’s life. Do work on Search Engine Optimization (on page and off page).

Also work on researching right keywords for search engine and social media Optimization because ranking on wrong keywords will not give you any conversion.

Ranking on right keyword will help you to reach the desired audience without spending any money (this is long process but one of the most important brand building).

Also try to create a purposeful emotional story. As stories and emotions register faster in mind and add values to your product as it trigger a particular emotion.

3.3) Be Everywhere

Register your business everywhere are this will help in brand building and SEO.

This will also increase consumer trust on you and your company. Also be active, don’t be a dead name as this gradually decrease the rates of conversion.

3.4) Email Marketing

Emails are one of the most common and effective way to reach the professional customer.

Collect Email IDs from a legit way, don’t try click baiting. Send personalized emails, this make customer feel good (do not over send emails or spam).

3.5) Google ADwords (PPC)

Google Adword is one of the great ways to register in Minds of a targeted audience, it helps in laser targeting and you can start it with very low budget. Also remember your company is not what you say, it’s what Google says. All the above mentioned points will ultimately grow small business.

Step 4: Do Something Different

Try guerrilla marketing to grow small business, as something unusual grabs the attention, this will generate new customers, and making them loyal is subject of how good your services are.

Doing something extra ordinary will make your identity different from other competitors. 

Step 5: Work on your Services

Always remember “a consumer will pay more for great service then for a great product”.

Try to sell a experience

This will increase the relation with customers and helps in building their trust which ultimately leads to a recurring income, as one found you good will always buy from you,

Give customers personalized services this will bring the emotional touch and helps in growing your business. Give them some pleasant services and a feeling of “wow” and never leave sure for unsure (don’t forget your old regular customers while chasing new ones)

 Last but not the least,

Step 6: Spend money on Your Development

World is changing every day, you must be always innovative to be in this race. Innovate your product without bringing many changes in price.

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