How to find a business idea

Everyone wants to start business but they don’t know where or even how to start, for them starting a business is a mysterious process. most of the people think that they need a lot of investment to start a business, but a person with entrepreneur mindset knows that to start a business they only need an idea and a pen and paper. But finding a business idea is one of the most difficult tasks for many people, but actually it’s not.

Everyone finds it difficult because they think from wrong direction. They try to find business idea on Google, they ask people, join Institute’s, but that doesn’t work in most of the cases, you should remember that knowledge without thinking is just worthless. If you ask anyone for idea, they’ll tell you to follow your passion, or talent, but this is not how it works. I’m not saying that passion is not necessary, it is, but business can be done without it. All you need is a vision and the creative analytical thinking ability. Everything in your surrounding contains an business idea. All you need is to observe carefully and find the most appropriate one for you. Always remember,

"Think Big, start small and start today.

which means you must think big. You must have a vision, a long term vision. For implementing any business idea and for making it successful. There are three most important ingredients, why, how, and when And from these three the most important one is why. And if you have answered the question that “Why are you doing this” then how and when is easy, The second part of the phrase contains start small, every big brand was once a startup and every expert was once a noob. Thinking for long steps is not wrong but waiting for it, and ignoring small one is foolishness, starting small doesn’t mean that you can’t grow, from starting small you can be stable at a income and then can grow and expand your business. Now, let’s explore the topic that how to find a business idea.

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Observation is the best way of getting new ideas. As there are many innovative ideas are there in your surroundings, waiting to be discovered. The more you observe, the more efficiently you’ll get new ideas. While observing things and businesses, try to answer some questions, this is a great way for generating ideas,

Therefore what:

After observing things, and the problems associated with them. Ask yourself, therefore what. Now, what you can do for the betterment, can you find any solution for the problems. And when you find out what next you can do. You can find a business idea from it.

Isn't this interesting

Daily we observe many interesting things which give us a sense of Wow, but we don’t think about it, we just move on. But after finding anything interesting thing, try to answer the question that “is it scalable”. If yes, then why not. And here you come with a new business idea.

Is there a better way

Observe businesses in your surrounding, and then try to find out that is there a better way, which can remove dissatisfaction of the consumer. For doing this you must have a complex analytical brain, because everything looks perfect before it is innovated.

SOLVE PROBLEMS to get best business idea

Solving problems must be the goal of business to make it successful. If you love solving problems of other, congratulations, you have an entrepreneur mindset. Solving problem is not that tough. All you need is to think from a new angle. A great example for this, People used to carry heavy luggage and at the same time, they have wheels to travel. But then, an innovative mind thought that the wheels can be fixed under the luggage. To come up with a great business idea,

First try to solve your own problems

You can give the best solution for the problem that you’ve experienced. You just have to remove the word, “if” from your idea. ( E.g. “If it is like this, it could be much easier.” Make it. “I will make it like this, and it would be easier for everyone.”) If you have an idea, then implement it, because the problem you are facing is maybe the problem of many.

AND THEN TRY TO SOLVE THE PROBLEM OF A SMALL NICHE(small group or section of people)

customer identification is most important part of a business. Find the problem you want to solve and then find people who have been facing it. If you want to know more about customer identification and business expansion, read How to grow small business in India


Analyzing trends can also give you a great business idea. Try to find what everyone wants and liking, and what has a great scope in coming future.


Finding business idea is not that tough job. Also, you don’t need a passion to make a business
plan, all you need is entrepreneur mindset.
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